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Rolling Sushi was born from a lifelong passion for quality food and from a dream that developed and began to take shape over a period that spans more than 20 years and across 5 states. Frank Sicilia began his “professional” sushi career in 1998 with “Sushi Evolution”, a sushi catering company focused on creating delicious sushi utilizing local, organic, and sustainably harvested ingredients. As Sushi Evolution “evolved”, Frank started “Happy Place Sushi” after moving to Friday Harbor in 2011, leading to a very successful run of 3 years at the local, San Juan Island Farmers’ Market.

In 2016, Frank started “Rolling Sushi”, a sushi catering company, pop-up restaurant, and mobile sushi bar/food trailer based on San Juan Island. With a new direction, Rolling Sushi has quickly become popular with locals and tourists alike, for its weekday lunches, Saturday farmers markets, and summer/fall festivals. Set to officially launch in Spring of 2017, the Rolling Sushi mobile sushi bar/food trailer hopes to become one of the lunch hot spots to visit in the San Juan Islands’ active food scene.